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Charles Grimm is a software engineer with over 30 years of experience.  He is the proud inventor of four patents including "Interprocessor  Communication Method" for which he received the Boss Kettering Award, Delco Electronics' highest honor for  

Solucean LLC exists for the purpose of providing innovative and cost effective renewable energy solutions. Our main product, SEAOTEC, (Solar Enhanced Adaptive Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion) was inspired by the need for cheap energy and clean water in Haiti. We discovered that SEAOTEC modules would effectively scale up to over 100 Megawatts in power production, while desalinating 10 million gallons of water a day as a byproduct. Since SEAOTEC can provide power and water 24/7 at a lower cost than any currently existing fossil fuel power plant, our vision is to replace at least half of the world’s electricity generation with solar power. 

​Our company has focused first and foremost on cost, taking the position that renewable energy must be cheaper that the power it replaces, in order to supplant existing fossil or nuclear power generation. 

a patented invention.  His wide ranging interests include scuba diving and New Space, and occasionally performs as a professional juggler.

His interest in renewable energy came about from his family's mission trips to Haiti, through his church's connection with Petite Rivier de Nippes.  Convinced of the need to provide an inexpensive method of desalinating sea water, his efforts took him on a path which lead to SEAOTEC, a simple but revolutionary method of producing affordable electricity and clean water for both developing and developed nations.

For more information you can contact Charles at Charles.Grimm@Solucean.com