Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) uses the temperature difference between cooler deep water and warmer surface seawater to run a heat engine and produce useful work, usually in the form of electricity.  OTEC is a base load electricity generation system, however, since the temperature differential is small, the thermal efficiency is low, making its economic feasibility a challenge.  Since the first OTEC plant was built in 1930, extensive efforts have been made to commercialize this technology, without significant economic success.

Solucean has developed, tested, and iterated a new kind of solar collector. Based on the simple technology similar to air mattresses, we have heated water with an efficiency of over 60% at a projected cost of $5 per square meter. Our data shows that this hot water (at 85 C) can be run through an open cycle OTEC plant to produce power and water much more efficiently than is possible with current technology. The solar collector area can be sized to provide excess hot water for overnight or inclement weather power generation.  SEAOTEC can be scaled from a 10 KW plant to a 100 MW plant with off the shelf energy generation equipment.


24/7 Solar Energy - Cheaper Than Fossil Fuel